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Notebook of Medicine is a social network for doctors and is created by Physicians for other Physicians. The objective of Notebook of Medicine is to make the world a healthier place by having doctors share information with other doctors and not be bound by boundaries that exist today. Every human being deserves quality healthcare regardless of where he is born, whether he is rich or poor or which race or religion he belongs to. We believe doctors around the world can do it together through sharing. At Notebook of Medicine, we believe that by us doctors, sharing our notes and opinions with other doctors around the world we can improve the quality of patient care. Of course, sharing will be done in a HIPAA compliant way.

How does Notebook of medicine help the Healthcare Fraternity?

Notebook of Medicine connects Physicians around the world and is a medical forum for doctors available as a mobile app and web portal. Physicians as part of this social media for doctors interact, engage and share knowledge with peer groups, without the noise of traditional social media.

Notebook of Medicine is not only a social network for doctors but is a relevant platform for the student doctor network too. Students working towards becoming Doctors can now rely on Notebook of Medicine as a medium to connect with Physicians and receive medical content that is of interest.

There are many options for doctor apps, but they connect patients with Physicians. Notebook of medicine on the other hand offers user generated medical content and solutions primarily to help medical expertise be accessible to all doctors around the world.

Notebook of Medicine allows Doctors across boundaries to collaborate with each other to deliver quality patient care.

Medicine without Boundaries!

Searchable database of 4.5 million clinical, diagnosis, treatment records that contain text, image and video information.

  • We have a searchable database of 4.5 million clinical, Diagnosis, treatment records on most of the diseases that are logically arranged using our patent pending system. More than 62000 clinical and pathological images on various diseases. And growing rapidly. Doctors can search and find Clinical/Diagnosis/Treatment info on these disease along with images and videos. Further, they can find notes, images, videos shared by other doctors around the world for those disease.
  • Information on all organs/diseases: Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Gynaecology, Infectious diseases, Metabolic Disease States, Nephrology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Otolaryngology, Otology, Pulmonology, Rheumatology, Urology and many more.

Write text, image, video notes for any disease. Keep the notes as private reference or share it with others.

  • A doctor can write a note, attach pictures and videos to it and post it under CX, DX, RX section for any of the diseases. He can keep this note private as a future reference for himself, or decide to share it with other doctors. If he shares, this information is available to other doctors around the world for their reference.

Follow other Doctors to get notified when they post.

  • A doctor can follow other doctor. That way if the followed doctors shares his note, the following doctor will get a notification and he can see the note that was posted. For example, a doctor in a remote region in Africa can follow a renowned heart surgeon in the US and see the videos of him performing surgery that were shared.

Follow a disease or an Organ and get notified when someone posts information on that disease or organ.

  • A doctor can follow a disease or an organ. In this case, if any other doctor posts a note to that disease or an organ, he will get a notification. For example, a dermatologist in India may follow the disease cutaneous carcinoma and get notifications when any other dermatologist posts notes, pictures, videos on Basil Cell carcinoma.

Ask Opinion from other Doctors in the field.

  • A doctor can ask a question on patient symptoms he is seeing along with pictures,videos of the affected area and get timely second opinion from other experts in that area.

Be known as expert in the field around the world.

  • As doctors share their notes, other doctors can review and rate it. Doctors sharing quality content will be recognized as experts in that area thus getting more followers.

Create and be part of Group of Doctors in your area of specialization, colleagues from your hospital or students from your medical school.

  • Create groups and start group discussions on various subjects.

Make realtime Video or Audio calls to collaborate with other Doctors around the world.

  • Make Realtime calls where you can show the condition of your patients and get opinions from other doctors remotely.

Notebook of Medicine. Caring through Sharing!!

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